Much Ado About Nothing Significant

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Innoson Boss was arrested in a case that most of us do not have the full details and I am seeing people sharing posts that customers that have accounts in one bank should close them.

Take a stroll to EFCC office and some of our police stations and see the number of people held there. some of them for frivolous reasons. Unconsciously we have accepted this gangsterism as the norm. We should not isolate this case for discussion because he is big man and so he is too big to be picked up.

The time you or someone you know was locked up unjustly who debated your matter in the Senate. Have you ever applied for a loan to grow your business and given. These big men will always sort themselves out.

It took foreigners to shout about the plight of Nigerians in Libya before our government officials felt they should say or do something. In the last 18 years or even since you were born, how many big men (politicians and businessmen) have you heard have been convicted and sent to prison.

Please channel your energy to something meaningful. If You want us to face this issue, then let’s face it squarely in totality not in isolation.

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