Chop Away Your Problems

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We live in a country where we don’t have functional research institutes or industries. Yet there are event centers everywhere and more springing up every corner you look.

With the countless number of problems in Nigeria, one would expect that a lot will be in motion to alleviate the numerous problems plaguing this country. Yet in a society where you expect people to be sober because of the lack of capacity to cater for itself, there are countless event centers everywhere and more springing up every corner you look for Nigerians to just wine and dine.

We seem not to care as though the power problems, poor healthcare, inability to refine own crude oil, inability to get a decent job etc do not mean anything to us.

Every moment of happiness is an invitation to spend big. People spend for weddings as though the marriage institution here is Nigeria is different from marriage outside the shores of this land. People graduate from apprenticeship and throw parties.

To just dance, drink and eat.

Dance and chop away your problems.

Just ignore the problems and chop.

After all some people where born to just party and chop.

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