Informing the less informed

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Information, some say is power.

Where do we get our information from?

Before now, One could safely assume that whatever information he gets from the media houses, teachers, pastors etc are correct. Part of the rot we have to contend with today is fake news. So annoying that fake news is so widely spread and much talked about by people who should know better.

Why should I even bother to listen to some of these. Almost all the major TV and newspapers in Nigeria are owned by politicians. AIT, Silverbird, TVC and of course the NTA and the different state owned TV and radio stations support news of any govt in power.

Same applies to the the print media. Of course the workers here must report in a way that supports the views of their pay masters. So, gradually Nigerians have decided to generate news for other Nigerians through their social media handles.

Truthfully this has not helped much but has rather compounded the problems. Everyone posts whatever he or she likes without taking into account the hurt it will cause another person or group of people.

One thing we must know: people judge and assess you by what you say. It shows your level of maturity and intelligence. It is best if you double check information you hear before you believe it and want to quickly spread it.

Information is key to arriving at your destination.

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