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A few weeks ago, I made a simple comment. “Many institutions in Nigeria (individuals in the institutions) are corrupt. Boom!!! A very interesting conversation ensued.

To some the police is the most corrupt, others, our politicians and many others, the customs service. What should Have been a passing comment ended up as a very interesting insight to the rot in the fragments of our public life.

Listening to a lady who spoke convincingly without any iota of doubt that our customs service is the most corrupt and another man who argued his case that it was police. others shared their experience as regards the many other institutions. It occurred to me, that this is a crippling problem that has  now become the norm. In other words, we are used to it.

Some of us frown at and quarrel with a bus driver who refuses to give egunje to the policeman who stops the vehicle not to search, but to collect same. It therefore leaves little to wonder why we have the proliferation of arms and contraband everywhere with the attendant high rate of crimes.

Institutions that should be flag bearers in the crusade against corruption and other unethical behaviour have become the biggest culprits. Name one institution in Nigeria that is devoid of corruption or conspicuous unethical practices… I bet you will struggle to mention even one.

One thing is clear, we can’t continue like this forever. Our children must not grow to accept that it is normal to cheat and steal.

We must tackle these systems headlong. We must name and shame.

Also name and shame people who protect bad elements in our society.

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