Over Protected vs Under Protected: Which Are You?

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Nigerians must learn to ask the right questions and force out the required answers. It is not enough to be condemning attacks. We have been condemning attacks from OBJ days to Yaradua to GEJ and now to PMB. Truth is some people are over protected and the bulk of Nigerians are under protected.

Two questions to ask:

1) What is the exact number of security personnel we have in the country – especially the police and army?
2) How many are assigned to the presidency, the legislature, the 36 state govt houses, the oil companies, the big men and even to members of the opposition party?

Remove this chunk from the entire security personnel and you will discover you are on your own if you reside in the hitherlands.

Those of you that have visited the seat of government in other places. Can you compare the security personnel attached to them (including their cronies) and the number in Nigeria?

Have you seen the convoy of the service chiefs?

If no, whenever you see one, do a mental calculation of the cost of the BMW 7 series, the Landcruiser, Prado, Peugeot 508, Hilux vans and the motorbikes. Count the number of soldiers in the convoy and estimate the personnel cost of the soldiers following them. That is part of your allocated security budget.

You surely would have seen the convoy of your state governor. Do the same calculation.

Can we even ignore the policemen that mount road blocks on transport routes cum densely populated areas? Some of whom are more interested in collecting the collectables from road users and transporters.


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