Let’s Sink Some Sense in

Tunde Security

Me, my wife and 2 friends went to one of these big malls in Victoria Island around Christmas. Just before we got in, we met these security men who scan and check people before they go in.

Some Indians were just in front of us and whollla they just made space for them to go in without searching them. As my wife got close to them, one of the security men got in position to scan/search my wife and us.

I immediately shoved the guy and told him no way he is going to search me, my wife or the other couple we were with. He won’t search Indians maybe because they are foreigners with whiter skin and he wants to search me in my country.

By the time I finished shouting, other people obviously understood my point and begged me.

If we need to do more of this to sink sense into people’s head, we should.


photo credit: silverbirdcinemas.com

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