Magnify The Negative

Tunde Attitude

The reason why we tend to always magnify the negative things and downplay the positive things beats my imagination. A knife is a kitchen utensil that aids cutting and cooking but is also a weapon to kill.

The university is a place where people are trained to be professionals but is also also a place where people are killed by cultists. The sight of policemen when you are under siege by robbers brings relief to you but the sight of policemen when you are transporting your goods is a bad sight.

I’m amazed when people talk so poorly about their spouse because he/she forgot to add enough salt in the food and they totally forget the countless times the food tasted right.

People say Nigeria is bad. In fact, Nigeria is very very bad. But this very very bad country is also a very very good country for many people. Many people who can’t make a living abroad are making it here. Go to our International airport and see the number of foreigners coming in daily to tap from the milk and honey in the land. The return on investment is very high and the truth is that you can get away with many things unlike in other climes.

Truth is, If you worry less about the bad politicians, bad roads, bad people, bad services etc and focus a little more on what can be done to profit in the midst of the negative circumstances, maybe… just maybe, you will find a reason to smile or smile better if you are already smiling.

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