Sack Them All

Tunde Accountability

If God answers our prayers and they:

1. Sack all the service chiefs whose men can’t stop the Boko Haram problems.
2. Disband and sack all those wicked SARS personnel.
3. Sack all those customs and immigration officials who won’t do their job but are doing beggie beggie at the ports.
4. Sack all those rude nurses in our hospitals.
5. Sack all those bankers whose ATM will always debit you and not pay cash… and it takes weeks to reverse your money.
6. Sack all those engineers in Nigeria who can’t construct one bridge from start to finish without help from expatriates.
7. Sack all civil servants who don’t go to work every day and go late on the days they manage to.
8. Sack our super eagles who have never been able to qualify for quater finals in any world cup.
9. Sack all those corrupt officials in the government and National Assembly.
10. Sack all those rude and incompetent airline officials who will cancel or delay your flight and are unapologetic
11. Sack ……………..

I doubt if 1% of Nigerians will still have jobs.

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