We Seriously Need Thinkers

Tunde Leadership

It seems Nigeria has the highest number of travelers abroad. Yet, in some people’s wisdom, the Nigerian company called Nigeria Airways is too inefficient and corrupt to operate an airline so they sold/killed Nigeria Airways so that every Nigerian or foreign traveler that wants to travel abroad has to use any of the foreign airlines.

To make a trip to London or Dubai, Ethiopian Airlines will take you first to their country, then proceed to London/Dubai. Egypt Air will go to Cairo and you wait for some hours before you proceed. Qatar Airways will take u to Doha and you wait before you proceed.

Even Rwanda Air will take u to Kigali to wait for hours before you continue your journey. Same with Air Cote D’Ivoire etc.

The alternative is that you pay a high premium to fly directly to your destination. These Airlines sell tickets to us and must repatriate their funds in USD to their countries to boost their country’s economic figures. So be sure the dollar going up is not an event but a continuum.

Now the new song is NNPC is too inefficient to operate. Foreigners will come and turn us to slaves again. The new kid on the block in construction is CCECC, owned by the Chinese. They have practically taken over the construction space and right now we are indebted to them.

Is it that we don’t have the capacity or we are just plain foolish?

Nigeria is really in dire need of thinkers.

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