Wrong Priorities

Tunde Attitude

It is sad that majority of Nigerians are not attracted to the things that will possibly solve our problems. How can we then expect to see results?

We cannot get 30 million votes in presidential elections even plus the padding of results as some people claim, but Nigerians will give 30 million votes to Big brother contestants.

Have you ever wondered why Cowbell mathematics competition, Interswitch competition, and other science or research-based competitions are not even noticed? They do not even get the ideal number of viewers, sponsors, and reward for winners… simply because we don’t just care.

Speak Out (back in the days), and other competitions have given way for the so-called talent shows and beer festivals. Yet we abuse the govt for lack of power, roads, etc. Oya pick Nigerians that can build power plant from start to finish without help from foreigners … we cannot!

I can assure you that if you bring Obama to contest any election in Lagos or Rivers State, he will not win. We will rather vote a thug, rif-raf or a money bag.

Indeed, we are in for a long long wait to get to the promised land.

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