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Tunde Attitude

Sometime last week, I went to the home of a client. One artisan saw me dressed in my black suit cum white shirt and asked: “Sir, are you a lawyer?”. I replied him “No, I’m not a lawyer, I am a hustler.”(In Nigeria parlance of someone who works vigorously, not the other dictionary meaning of someone who ventures into illicit dealings).

The man looked at me and said. “Haaa oga, see as you fresh. You can’t be a hustler ooh, it is correct office work that fits you”. I smiled.

24 hours later, in the company of some other friends… we went to celebrate with a friend on his birthday, in my new usual way, I realized that I had something of interest for sale to one of my friends.

I said to her “You asked a while ago if I had xyz … I have one very good one for sale now”. And boom my friend; the birthday boy shouted. “This Ajala is a hustler ooh. Ajala sells everything and can sell anything”. Everybody laughed and trust me, we started talking about the price of the asset.

Shortly after, it occurred to me that it was just 24 hours ago that I did not look like a hustler to someone. And now someone was almost swearing that I’m is a confirmed hustler… What an irony!

What changed? what prompted it?…… PERSPECTIVE

1. Anybody can be anything in the eyes of anybody. 
2. This Nigeria that is so bad in the eyes of many, is also so good for business in the eyes of others.
3. That Boss that is the devil, is also the pride of others.
4. That your wife that is so lazy and can’t cook is also the wish of some other men.

Perspective is seeing things from one’s angle. What do u see?

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