#EndSARS is not the Solution

Tunde Security ,

EndSARS is not the issue and has never been the issue. If they disband SARS what of the other policemen and uniform personnel with wickedness in their hearts. It’s like putting on uniform makes some people mad.

The wickedness in the heart of some LASTMA officials, Nurses, custom officials is worse than that of some policemen. If u give some Nurses guns, some will kill the patient in their care. Nurses and doctors allow/ cause the death of many people on a daily basis. Who is marching to end their services. Have u tried the security men and task force thugs around our airports? Those ones that wear those ugly blue abi Ash coloured uniforms?

So when they EndSARS. What next? We look for another thing to ban. Just like they banned tramadol and those with excruciating pains have to look for alternatives because some folks abuse the drug.

We have SARS everywhere. In the Banks, PHCN, Hospitals, universities, Govt offices etc. Wicked people everywhere.

Reform, discipline, jail people if necessary but don’t cut your head because u have a headache. We need to work on the mind and consciousness of every Nigerian.

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