Let’s fight the good fight

Tunde Finance

The governors and a few others are crying for true federalism. They want to control more resources generated from their states. Good o! but let them explain the below:

  1. The commencement of the payment of 13% derivation to oil-producing states signalled the end to any meaningful development in the Niger Delta states.
  2. It gave birth to armed groups and gangs striving for relevance to get all sorts of payments from the government. So today, militants are richer and better paid than many graduates.
  3. More money signalled the change of status vehicles of commissioners and Perm Secs. From 406 to Toyota Camry then to Landcruisers. Give more money, commissioners and LGA chairmen will start driving Benz S-Class as official cars.
  4. Paris refund running into billions of Naira was paid to states recently. It was just as if nothing entered their accounts.
  5. Apart from Lagos and Abuja, over 90% of people that (are able to) drive brand new cars are government officials. Their official cars or their private vehicles. Other citizens can only buy and drive tokunbo or naija used cars.

Resource control has never been for the masses. It is to improve the spending power and entitlement of those in states and local governments

Let’s fight the good fight!

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