We Are Our Problem

Tunde Ajala

Tunde Attitude

Extortion under any guise is criminal. PHCN officials; EKEDC, PHED and the other ones have been extorting civilized people and acting like the area boys that won’t provide the service, but slam you with a bill and you have no choice but pay because you don’t want to get disconnected.

Nigerians that are given high estimated bills may start looking at PHCN and its officials as criminals. These corrupt officials are in the same group as bad SARS personnel or worse in my opinion. Hopefully, something drastic will happen so they know they can no longer keep extorting Nigerians and nothing will happen.

The reason why some PHCN officials have not killed Nigerians is because they don’t have weapons like SARS. Giving a customer who lives in a 3 bedroom flat an estimated bill of 60,000 a month is robbery and should be treated as such! Especially, when there was no power for 2 weeks!

Even if we swap all the nurses in our general hospitals with the current SARS operative. Most likely, the brutality of SARS will continue (in their absence) and probably even get worse. Because it’s all in the attitude not the role!

Take our LASTMA officials around Marina, train them to be nurses and deploy them to hospitals. The nonchalance and death from nonchalance will most likely continue.

Take our lecturers from the universities (you know the ones I mean; the ones that come to class only twice in a semester) and keep them to manage our airport security. The current nonsense we experience from many customs, immigration officials etc will continue… and probably get worse.

So remind me, who did we say again is our problem?

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