I Was Called A Militant

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Some years ago, everybody who hailed from or lived in the South-South was called a militant by people from other tribes or people who lived in other parts of the country.

I remember I carried that tag while I was doing my NYSC in 2006 and even when I started working from 2007. As bad as it sounded, it seemed to have some positive sides.

People gave me my space. I remember vividly that some corp members and a few staff at our PPA in Warri just gave me and Dan a little extra space. Daniel; an Okrika boy was my flatmate and we worked in the same place in our service year.

Well, Daniel kukuma looked like a militant and liked the fact that some people were afraid of him/ us. 😀

Fast forward to my time in my former office, some of my colleagues won’t just stop calling me militant. Well, maybe it made me get away with some things (…because I was a ‘militant’) 😀

What a label!

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