Importation Wahala

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No job no job no job. Over 90% of the things sold in Alaba, Ladipo, Balogun market, Onitsha main market and many others are made abroad. Most of the 10% Nigerian made items sold in our markets and supermarkets are food items.

Many people are unemployed in Nigeria because the bulk of the things we consume are imported.

Does it make sense that when we sell crude oil and earn forex, we continue to make this forex available for people who want to import salt, tomato, seasoning cubes etc? When these items can be made here?

For every bag of salt imported and sold in Nigeria, we have denied the individual or the local company that makes salt the privilege to earn an income.

Well, maybe the government or CBN can draw up categories of food and determine which category can qualify to access forex. I totally support that not all food items should be imported using FX from govt source.

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