Xenophobic Attacks

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If there was still apartheid in South Africa, I believe there wouldn’t be xenophobic attacks or it won’t be at this scale. A good number of black South Africans are still too afraid to compete with or face the white South Africans. Most of them have not developed themselves 25 years after apartheid but yet are quick to look at other black Africans as the source of their problem

I stopped using my MTN line about 4 years ago or thereabouts. I switched to Glo and 9mobile. (Although Glo is frustrating sometimes). Some of you may recall I have posted this before on Facebook.

The reason why the MTN number has not been blocked or recycled is that I left it in the tab my children use and once in a while people call me on that line. For the past 3 years, I have not recharged for credit and I don’t use MTN data.


I don’t think I have entered Shoprite this year. I go to The Palms once in a while but I dont enter Shoprite to buy anything.

I don’t think I entered Shoprite twice last year.

I do my shopping at Balogun market or Ebeano supermarket. I buy from Spar if it is absolutely necessary and if I cant find the stuff I need at Ebeano or the local shops/markets around me.

A country whose Government and citizens understand the importance of patronising their own will excel.

The major issue with Nigeria is that we have many senseless people. Both literates or illiterates.

Why loot other people’s property? The people causing mayhem in S.A are not the ones we are victimising here. Well, that is the limit to their thinking or maybe it is just an opportunity to get some things for free.

This is also my stance when it comes to the issue of herdsmen killing. Some criminals are killing people and instead of making efforts to stop them and bring them to justice, some of us are making more efforts to paint all of them from that tribe black. Some are deliberately fanning the flames of a war no one is willing and ready to fight.

The madness around Lekki wass an eye-opener that sometimes many people are asking for what they can’t handle.

Come to think of it. The Nigerian police harasses and has killed more innocent Nigerians than the SA police has harassed and killed Nigerians.

Many Nigerians living in Nigeria are afraid of having an encounter with the Nigerian police because it will most likely not turn out well.

The Nigerian government has done more injustice to the citizens of Nigeria than the SA government has done to Nigerians living in SA. It seems it is easier for a foreigner to do business in Nigeria than a Nigerian to do business in Nigeria. If our government or economy was fair, we wouldn’t have that number of immigrants in SA as employees and traders

Who will help us here?

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