Big For Nothing

Tunde Ajala

Tunde Leadership

Some people in a court in Holland said (ruled) that Nigeria should hand over Bakassi to Cameroon.. and kpoooom we quickly said oya Cameroon come and take our oil reach Bakassi. Then, we rendered thousands of Bakassi Indigenes homeless and landless.

Now another court in UK has said one company should take our assets to the tune of 9.6 billion dollars. That is almost half of our country’s 2019 budget. We are running helter-skelter.

How come no court in the world can rule on Israel and Palestine land. How come no court or UN can talk to all the countries bombing, killing and fighting in Syria. How come no court has talked about war crimes in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan even though many civilians and children died.

Ooh, I forget. The ICJ wanted to question some American soldiers about the war and the American government said they don’t have that right to do so and none of their soldiers should answer to them. They even went further to cancel the visa of the ICJ chief prosecutor. When you are big, you are big.

Nigeria is just….. As some people will say. BIG FOR NOTHING. I can imagine a foreign court that will tell one company to go and seize the properties of the State of Israel or UK. Dem never born that company.

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