Much Ado About Number Plates

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New ministers, New set of vehicles with green number plates. Now let’s talk about number plates.

More than 99% of cars on Nigerian roads are not new. (I mean cars manufactured in 2015 and later)

However, over 95% of brand new cars in Nigeria have green number plates.

Green plate numbers are used on government vehicles. It is assumed that the owners of these vehicles are hardly at their place of work/ offices. They put in few hours at work and enjoy long leave and recess days.

Black number plates – Used by the military and paramilitary organisations. These ones have 2 categories. Those driven by the police are terrible, while those driven by the other organisations are just there.

Blue number plates. Used by private citizens. A few brand new in the mix. A good chunk are average cars of let’s say an average of 15 years (2004/2005 model). Another small chunk are rickety. 16 years and over.

Red number plates. These are used for commercial vehicles. These are the most rickety in the land. Many of them are 1999 model and even older. The drivers of these vehicles wake up before the others and maybe work the longest hours. However they are at the lowest point in the chain.

Much ado about number plates.

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