Now We’re Talking About RUGA

Tunde Business

A country whose citizens supports payments to individuals who do not work, to just stay away from breaking oil pipelines in the name of Amnesty program. These payments have been going on for about 15 years. The least paid so-called militant earns at least 2 times what is being proposed (to pay graduates) as the new minimum wage. Some state governments have refused to implement the new minimum wage pay structure.

We consider it expedient to pay militants more than we pay some graduates that spent over 16 years schooling and preparing for work.

It is now we are waking up and talking about RUGA. I have learnt to siddon look

Imagine! A Federal Government that cannot fund and manage refineries with professionals in it… cannot fund and manage power with professionals in it… cannot fund and manage an airline is now suddenly certain that they have the capacity to fund and manage the RUGA settlement.

Perfect time to say gerarahere mehn!

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