What are Nigerians Saying about you?

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While you are busy abusing PMB/ this present administration or GEJ/former administration, also note that other Nigerians are abusing you. Pick your profession or industry and see what Nigerians are saying about you.

Bankers.- All bankers are thieves. Stealing customers money anyhow.

Civil servants – Lazy and wicked. They get paid for doing nothing. Thieves who like bribes.

Lawyers – All lawyers are liars who aid and abet crime, bribe judges and frustrate efforts of government to jail criminals.

Policemen – All policemen are confirmed criminals. Killing innocent Nigerians bcos of 100 naira bribe.

Doctors – Our doctors don’t know anything. If they do, people won’t be travelling out to treat every sickness. No empathy at all.

Trader/ Artisans – Cheats. Wicked people who will defraud you and pretend as if they are assisting you. Fear them ooh.

Engineers – Our engineers don’t know jack. They can’t manufacture ordinary pencil. They work in oil companies but can’t do anything without foreigners.

Female Bankers/Marketers – Prostitutes. Sleeping with people to get accounts

These and many more are what Nigerians are saying about you. Did I miss out your profession? Let me know and I will tell you what other Nigerians are saying about you.

We really need to change our ways in this country!

Well, as for me, I am a banker but I am not a thief.

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