When We Had Mentors…

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This country was better when we had mentors.

Many people had who they could look up to for guidance on issues concerning marriage, business, career decisions, challenges at work etc.

Mentors would sacrifice their time and sometimes money to ensure the mentees were on track. The mentees will sacrifice their time and ego to listen to the mentors and act responsibly. They act in obedience even tho the reaction wouldn’t have been their preferred but because the mentor said so, they believed he/ she was wiser and they just had to oblige.

Today, many older folks are not ready and don’t care. Some even get angry that people look up to them for guidance or help. Also, the younger ones are too proud or too timid to ask, are restricted by the high fences around the would-be mentor, or just have this entitlement mentality.

The result?
– Many people behave anyhow these days.
– Many people have made wrong decisions about marriage.
– Many people have lost monies in business.
– Many don’t have good jobs and don’t know how to manage their situation.
– Many have committed suicide because there is no one to talk to alleviate that emotional pain

Can we just go back to the era when we were first humans before we were rich or poor, before we were Muslim or Christian?

Life is good with good people around.

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