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Check the convoy of the the American president. You will see Ford, Chevrolet, Cadillac; Only American cars. You won’t see Benz or Range Rover.

The British PM uses Jaguar and Range Rover – British cars.

The German Chancellor uses a BMW. In her motorcade are Mercedez Benz, Audi and Skoda. All made in Germany.

Our Governments at the Federal, State and Local Government will spend a minimum of 200 billion naira to purchase cars in 2020 for Government officials, police, ambulance, LASEMA, Fire service trucks etc.

Imagine our Federal and State Governments opting to buy 100 billion worth of cars from Innoson motors. Give them an advance of 70 billion and receive the cars in batches. After Innoson finish doing back flip and dancing, they will look for more hands to employ to meet up.

As they start delivering the vehicles, their Strategy team will advise that they need to up their game for providing spare parts. Before long our Ladipo and Ikoku brothers will start stocking Innoson Vehicle spare parts.

When the follow follow people see that the Governor of Lagos state is driving one Innoson SUV that is most definitely cheaper than his current car, before long, banks, Telcos and others will start patronising too.

Before you know, Innoson will have no option than to open another assembly plant in Lagos and another in Kano.

By patronising Innoson or any other Nigeria made vehicles (if there are), our Government will save up to 30% of cost of procuring vehicles and more citizens will have salaries to take home.

Also, customs will do less work to be pursuing who no pay full duty. Our roads at Apapa will breathe small too because some people will face Nnewi instead of Apapa.

Encouraging the consumption of local rice is one very small step in the way.

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