Power Imbroglio


Tunde Economy

Power. NEPA. PHCN. The things you will never understand.

We are stil in this power imbroglio 7 years after Power generation and distribution was privatized and handed over to private companies.

From reports, Gencos said they have technical and financial challenges. They said only about 20% of dues is sent to them. How will they generate more when they are not paid?

Discos said they have challenges paying the Gencos because of power theft and people not paying. Hmmn…

Gas suppliers to Gencos said they need to be paid for them to supply gas to Gencos.

Government needs to underwrite the deficiency of N130 billion. Government has spent 1.2 trillion to pay for power generated and supplied but not paid for.

Who will help explain this to the common man and also help tell the Government that this is not working.

What Nigerians have seen in the past 7 years is an increase in electricity tariff and proposals for another increase in the tariff.

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