Sharpness, Exploitation or The Wickedness of the Average Nigerian

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Sharpness, exploitation or the wickedness of the average Nigerian?

I have observed with disdain the way and manner people have jacked up the prices of their goods. Some up by 1000%.

Hand sanitizers that were previously sold for N1,200 went to to N12,000 before the fake ones flooded the markets.

Handgloves that were sold for N1,000 now sells for N5,000

Vitamin C that was N500 is now N1,500.

Yet some of the people responsible for this hike will sit down and accuse our Government of wickedness.

Prices of foodstuffs have gone up astronomically.

Don’t worry, it is your time to also rob Nigerians. Do it well o, because when this is over, some of you will look for customers and you may not find.

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