What Is Our Stimulus Package?


Tunde Economy

The American Government worked on a 2 trillion dollars stimulus package for the American people in response to covid 19.

2 trillion dollars is about 750 trillion naira. Pls don’t ask what the Nigerian Government has done.

Our 2020 budget plus the deficit is about $27 billion (about 10 trillion naira). Our National budget for the last 10 years have been somewhere in between $18 billion and $26 billion. Something between 3 trillion naira to 7 trillion naira

That means our budget in the last 60 years is not up what the American Government has approved for stimulus to address covid-19.

Many companies in America and Europe have company budgets well over $26 billion. Who can help us with info on the 10 biggest Nigerian companies and their budgets?

As long as we believe only foreigners can do things in Nigeria, continue to use only foreign things and save our monies abroad, our businesses and our economy can never be big enough.

The effect is that our Government CAN NEVER HAVE enough to provide any meaningful stimulus package.

Some part of the funds in the budget are even stolen. This is not the time to abuse anybody or institution.

If we dont change for the better after this experience, we are doomed.

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