Everything Was Better 21 Years Ago


Tunde Leadership

How the mighty has fallen. Today many of us complain about our political leaders.

Remember those days you waited for Newsline on NTA? Or NTA news, Tales By Moonlight, Speak Out etc. We even knew the names of newscasters.

Well those days are gone! Our military used to be the best in Africa. They went into Sierra Leone and Liberia. Stopped wars there and restored normalcy.

Those days your pastor was indeed a pastor. It was most unlikely he would rape you or steal from you.

Teachers were more knowledgeable than students. We can’t say that today.

Our Super Eagles players were winning African footballer of the year award back to back.

Radio presenters were indeed radio presenters not Mediocres.

Those days, when you seek doctors report from 3 hospitals. You will most likely get the same diagnosis. Today, 3 hospitals… 3 different stories.

Those days, the average pupil who went to primary school could speak english fluently and write very well.

We loved ourselves. As children, we didn’t really bother whose parents were rich and whose were poor.

Every area of our lives and institutions have been degraded by the advent of this our democracy 20 years ago.

Sad… So sad!

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