The Politicians Won and Edo People Lost

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How else can you describe the recent politicking events in Edo state and the eventual victory of Governor Godwin Obaseki?

I said to a friend some weeks before the Edo election that if APC wins, Edo people don’t have sense and if PDP wins, Edo people don’t have sense. His response was ‘then who do you want to win?’ I said I am not from Edo but any other person contesting in the election should win.

How can you justify the insult of Edo people by the 2 major political parties?

PDP presented a candidate (Obaseki) who ruled Edo state for three and half years as an APC member. When he was campaigning four years ago, he abused the PDP and explained to Edo people how PDP destroyed the state and should not be considered. Now he campaigned saying PDP is the hope for Edo people and they clapped for him.

APC presented a candidate (Ize-Iyamu) who was deputy governor under PDP some years ago. He was described as a thief by the former APC chairman (Oshiomole) and that he should not be trusted. Now the same candidate was given the APC platform to be the governor of Edo state.

As usual, the people of Edo narrowed their choice to a bad candidate vs a bad candidate. All other candidates that contested under the other political parties were not even worthy of mention, talk less of consideration.

In all, what I can say is that, as usual the politicians won and the wonderful people of Edo state lost.

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