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Nigerians have reduced police brutality to SARS brutality. In the last 20 years, I have had 3 unpleasant experiences with police officers and none was with SARS operatives.

The call should be to reform the police force. The policemen that mount road blocks on so many roads to collect N100 from motorist and shoot sometimes are not part of SARS. The ones attached to VIP that flog people to give way are not SARS operatives.

Armed robbery, kidnapping etc. are still major challenges in Nigeria. Just scrapping SARS is not the solution. The officers will go back to other duties and continue with the same behaviour.

Some CID, SARS and even Olopas attached to VIPs act like mad people sometimes. The revamp call should be total.

In related news… the same Davido that has used police escort to harass people and his people also harassed and handcuffed 2 young girls playing pranks on him… the same man that has been accused of slapping someone backstage and shoving his own fans is the one making demand to IGP on behalf of who????

Shouldn’t he also be investigated? Afterall, he who comes into equity must come with clean hands

Seriously… who would have thought that it will get to a time where policemen and soldiers will be afraid to come down from their car with strong face and koboko to clear traffic for their principal to pass.

All of us siddon inside the traffic. They cannot come and kill themselves.

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