When is Enough, Enough?

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The SARS protest is gradually turning to something else.

It has become an inconvenience for many people who just want to go to work or get home.

What good will it be if someone is sacked or if someone dies because he cannot get to the hospital on time?

It has become an infringement on the fundamental human right of people to free movement. Blocking the Lekki Toll gate and subjecting residents in that area to 4 hours traffic to move from VI to Lekki is becoming unbearable. And now protesters have blocked the Chevron junction saying people should not get to their houses.

People should apply reason.

People support #EndSARS but it is not the people that live in Lekki that created SARS that will warrant people to block the main road in and out of Lekki.

Spending 4 hours in traffic to use alternative route is beginning to downplay the relevance of the continued protest at this time for people who live in Lekki or Ajah.

It is thuggery to restrict someone from moving freely to work or his house.

Are we not simply doing the same thing we are complaining about?

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