Man Must Wack

Tunde Economy

The Russia-Ukraine crises has pushed oil prices upwards. The rising cost of diesel means manufacturers will jack up prices, transport companies that convey goods are also reviewing prices upwards.

If you have some money in your account, buy some things now. Dont wait till month end to buy what you know you need to buy. Your 50k spend today maybe be 80k by month end.

The winners and losers of war are not the politicians who declared the war. At the end, both parties will talk and move on. The businesses and the common men on the streets will be the gainers or losers.

Business should be business. KFC, Adidas and other companies are shunning Russia. While the revenue of these companies will drop, this is an opportunity for a competitor or a new player to take up the vacuum. As Russian oil is rejected, other people’s oil will be bought.If KFC closes shop, another business would take up the space or open nearby.

After all, man must wack.

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